'Star Wars' super-fans confess how far their obsession takes them

For several people, there are only two things that are certain: Death and taxes. For others, there are three: Death, taxes and 'Star Wars.'

'Star Wars' has some of the most dedicated fans in the galaxy (and in galaxies far, far away) -- from collectors to Comic Con fanatics, the film series brings out the coolest and proudest nerds in the world. In honor of the upcoming film, several 'Star Wars' super-fans took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express what it really takes to be a true fan.

Being a super-fan requires maturity:
As a kid I always said I can

Are you really committed to 'Star Wars' if you don't own all of the merchandise?

If collectors did it for a financial purpose, they'd just pledge their allegiance to StarBUCKS:
It irritates me when my family says that my Star Wars collection is "worth good money" I don

Wedding bells pale in comparison to John Williams' epic theme music:

Daily routines might be slightly different for super-fans:
Woke up. Alarm was Star Wars theme song. Had a fake lightsaber fight while I got dressed, complete with sound effects. I

'Star Wars' is just as exciting after dark:
my boyfriend and i role play as Star Wars characters

Oftentimes, super-fandom requires a mind, body, spirit commitment:
Star Wars is the closest thing I have to religion.

Some people just don't understand:

What is life without your 'Star Wars' movie collection?

Rearranging everything in order to have enough time to watch 'Star Wars' is a commitment in and of itself:

For more confessions from 'Star Wars' fans, check out Whisper.

Still wondering whether you fit into this category? Check out the video below:

7 Ways To Know If You're A Hardcore Star Wars Fan

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