LeBron James congratulates Special Olympics athlete during game in touching moment

Lebron James Surprises Special Olympian in Boston
Lebron James Surprises Special Olympian in Boston

LeBron James helped create a touching moment in Tuesday night's game between the Cavaliers and Celtics when he congratulated a Special Olympics athlete.

Aaron Miller, a 16-year-old, Boston-area native who was recently MVP of his basketball tournament, was celebrated during halftime of the game, walking out to midcourt for a round of applause. According to Cleveland.com's Joe Vardon, Miller had such severe brain damage, doctors believed he would be paralyzed.

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Afterward, James ran over to him and gave him a congratulatory handshake and some words of encouragement.

The gesture was nice enough, but Miller's reaction was the best part.

Miller and his family and friends were clearly thrilled.

James explained the moment afterward to reporters.

"I wasn't able to hear the whole story because I was actually in the game and coach was drawing up a play," James said. "But I looked up at the jumbotron, and I had seen what he's been through and where he is now. And the doctors said he would never walk again or talk again or something. ... Right from there it's just, this game is so much more than basketball.

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"And I also had seen he had my shoes on. I designed those shoes for kids with conditions where they're not able to put their own shoe strings, not able to tie their own shoe strings. And he had a pair on."

LeBron explained that he also gave Miller a pair of his shoes after the game, adding, "It was well-received by him; it wasn't for you guys, it's not for the fans, it's for him."

Watch the entire video below:

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