From 'Best hair' to 'Best use of elderly legends in cinema,' check out the 'Bests' from 2015

The Year's
The Year's

It's safe to say 2015 was a wild ride from start to finish. From the Left Shark phenomenon, to Pizza Rat, and everything in between, it was a strange but wonderful year for pop culture.

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Instead of having you relive all those moments, because let's face, there were some duds, "What to Watch" has rounded up some of the best moments from television and movies from the past year!

1.) Best reason to not use a movie production as an excuse to take a vacation in Hawaii: Cameron Crowe's "Aloha"

2.) Best use of complimentary hotel ear plugs that someone spraypainted yellow to make a billion dollar global movie franchise: 'Minions'

3.) Most celebrated use of product placement in television history: The Coke commercial at the end of "Mad Men"

4.) Best argument for giving insane apocalypse obsessed australians enough money to do whatever the hell they want: George Miller's "Mad Max Fury Road."

5.) Best contrast of bloody graphic violence against a backdrop of polite midwestern folk to make one of the greatest shows ever: "Fargo"

6.) Best memorial to a deceased actor that celebrates the very activity that killed him: "Furious 7"

7.) Best Jimmy Fallon: James Corden.

8.) Best polar opposite actor who played a sexy stripper and a brilliant scientist in the same year: Donald Glover for "Magic Mike XXL" and "The Martian"

9.) Weirdest time an actor had to play his own dad: O'Shea Jackson Jr for "Straight Outta Compton"

10.) Falsest detective: A tie between all 79 detectives in "True Detective" season two.

11.) Best use of butt-sex to end a movie: "Kingsman - The Secret Service"

12.) Best use of elderly legends in cinema: A tie between Robert De Niro getting a boner in "The Intern," and Harrison Ford demanding a more accessible entrance ramp to the Millennium Falcon in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

13.) Best hair: Josh Brolin in "Sicario"

14.) Best online only short-form entertainment roundup show: "What to Watch"

Alas, there you have it, the "Best" moments in TV and movies from the past year! Have any more to add? Just write away in the comments below.

Check out more moments you may have missed from the past year in the gallery below!

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