Company sells out of canned fresh air in China

Canadian Company Sells Cans of
Canadian Company Sells Cans of

Earlier this month, Beijing issued its first ever "red alert" for pollution and a Canadian company has begun to capitalize on this environmental crisis.

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Vitality Air, a company based in Alberta, Canada, has begun selling cans of fresh clean air from the Rocky Mountains for around $20 each.

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The cans of air are in high demand during this time when the air in China's capital is extremely hazardous. Vitality Air's China representative Harrison Wang told Daily Mail that the company sold out of air almost instantly. The company marketed the canned air on China's e-commerce website Taobao. Their first shipment included 500 bottles and they plan to send 700 bottles to China in the next two weeks.

"We have sold everything, and we now have a bunch of customers and people wanting to be our distributors," Wang said.

Although the company is new, founded in 2014, they are serious about their unconventional product and compare their industry to the bottled water industry. "The truth is we've begun to appreciate the clean, pure and refreshing taste of quality water," the website reads. "Air is going the same way."

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See photos of heavy smog across China:

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