Chris Christie takes some heat for 'sexist' slip-up during GOP debate

Chris Christie Takes Some Heat for 'Sexist' Debate Slip-Up
Chris Christie Takes Some Heat for 'Sexist' Debate Slip-Up

If you were watching the GOP debate Tuesday night, you might have caught this.

While talking about the email threat that caused Los Angeles to close all of its public schools earlier that day, Chris Christie said: "Think about the mothers who will take those children tomorrow morning to the bus stop wondering whether their children will arrive back on that bus safe and sound. ... Think about the fathers of Los Angeles, who tomorrow will head off to work and wonder about the safety of their wives and their children."

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Those words didn't go over well on Twitter. The general consensus: Men aren't the only ones working; this isn't the 1950s.

As New Republic's Gwyneth Kelly put it: "Christie must not be aware that women make up over 40 percent of the workforce in California."

While we're fact-checking the New Jersey governor, we should probably also mention this: "When I stand across from King Hussein of Jordan, I say to him, 'You have a friend, sir, who will stand with you to fight this fight.'"

Hussein died in 1999. We assume he means King Abdullah II.

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