Abby Wambach: Thinks USMNT should fire Jurgen Klinsmann

Abby Wambach's Teammates Do Their Best Abby Wambach Impressions
Abby Wambach's Teammates Do Their Best Abby Wambach Impressions

Tonight when the US Women's National Team takes on China in New Orleans, a major chapter in American athletics will come to a close. Abby Wambach will take to the pitch for the last time before her retirement and new role as a pundit. Wambach has always been an outspoken individual on and off the field of play. Her brazen style of play perfectly embodies the fire that she will be bringing to the commentator's box.

Wambach has already begun her life as critic, taking aim at USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. While speaking on the Bill Simmon's podcast, Wambach didn't hold back her unbridled views on the German boss. When asked by Simmons how she would improve the state of the USMNT after several disappointing results, Wambach made it perfectly clear that firing Klinsmann would be her first course of action.

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"Oh man, I would definitely fire Jurgen. Sorry Sunil, sorry U.S. Soccer," Wambach said rather candidly and referring to Sunil Gulati, the president of the United States Federation.

Wambach continued to not mince words taking aim at Klinsmann's strategy for youth development.

"First of all, [Klinsmann] hasn't really focused, I feel like, enough attention on the youth programs. He says he has, I don't think that he has," Wanbach said. "The way that he has changed and brought in these foreign guys, it's just not something that I believe in."

That is quite the the stance to take on the state of US soccer, but at least Wambach is making her point known with a powerful position. If this is the first taste of what we can expect from Wambach's punditry career than we are in store for a very opinionated and passionate analyst.

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