A popular brand of dog treats is being recalled for contamination

Starbucks Recalls Holiday Panini
Starbucks Recalls Holiday Panini

Just weeks after Starbucks issued a panini recall at over 1,300 of it's locations, we have another food contamination incident on our hands -- but this time, it's affecting your furry best friend.

Yes, in the midst of the Chipotle crisis, it seems that not even Fido is safe from the madness.

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The Nutro Company has issued a voluntary recall on their popular apple dog treats due to a "potential mold" problem.

PetSmart is recalling these dog treats because they could be moldy.

Posted by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Though the recall is being done voluntarily, one of the treat's carriers, PetSmart, wants their customers to err on the side of caution. A statement from the company read:

Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining Nutro 4 oz. Apple Chewy Treats affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. PetSmart sells a wide variety of treats from many brands, and our associates can help you find the right item for you and your pet.

When it comes to the health of your four-legged friends, better safe than sorry!

Stay informed: Check out the last large scale recall on a popular dog treat:

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