10 police officers who went the extra mile this year

Police Officers Who Made Us Smile This Year
Police Officers Who Made Us Smile This Year

As 2015 comes to a close, INSIDE EDITION is remembering the kindhearted cops who went the extra mile for the people they protect and serve.

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In Ohio, State Highway Patrol Trooper Matthew Stoffer rescued a one-year-old girl by performing CPR, while Los Angeles Police Officer Jonathan Maldonado made headlines for helping a 14-year-old boy with his tie on the first day of school.

Some officers gained praise from their communities by aiding citizens with marriage proposals or breaking out into dance routines to de-escalate tense situations. Among them, one female officer in Washington D.C. challenged teens to a dance battle to break an argument.

"Now I know that good cops exist in the world," Aaliyah Taylor, a teen in the video, told INSIDE EDITION at the time. "I think every cop should be that way. She was still doing her job but didn't abuse her power and was cool with it."

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These videos are sure to remind you of the great work police officers carry out across the country.