Trump audience member yells Nazi salute as protester removed from Las Vegas rally

Trump Protester Removed After Disrupting Rally
Trump Protester Removed After Disrupting Rally

Some Donald Trump supporters attending the Republican presidential candidate's rally in Las Vegas on the eve of the next GOP debate treated protesters with unusual hatred Monday night.

Trump was interrupted several times by Black Lives Matter protesters, prompting a furious reaction from the crowd. Some screamed, pointed, and at one point shoved a heckler as hotel security swooped in to remove them.

See photos from the rally in Las Vegas:

As one man was dragged away, Trump supporters variously yelled, "Shoot him!" "Kick his ass," and "Light the motherf----r on fire!"

A large middle aged man shouted, "Sieg heil!" — a Nazi Germany-era salute — as the protester was taken away.

"He's a Muslim!" another man in a glittering black suit shouted as another protester was removed. "He's a Muslim!"

Trump took the interruptions in stride and complained that they were the only way to get media outlets to turn their cameras towards his crowds to show off their size.

The confrontation at Trump's rally comes on the eve of the final televised prime time Republican presidential debate of the year. Trump, who is the GOP field's front runner according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, is expected to be a target once again when nine top Republican candidates take the stage in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

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