This little girl's 911 call for father is precious — don't worry, dad's okay

5-year-old named Savannah from Indiana is our latest and greatest hero. We preface this story by noting that Savannah's father is okay now.

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When Savannah's father began having chest pains, she knew exactly what to do and called 911. From here, things take a turn for the adorable.%shareLinks-quote="I don't know what I'm gonna wear...but he really needs oxygen real fast! " type="quote" author="Savannah, age 5" authordesc="YouTube" isquoteoftheday="false"%Not only did she remain calm and communicate the issue to the emergency dispatcher, she provided a bit of humor in the process.

Watch the recording here:

As she runs to unlock the front door, she yells out "Don't worry dad!" When the dispatcher alerts Savannah that the ambulance is on the way, she says "Okay, we're in our jammies...and I'm in a tank top, so I'll have to get dressed. I don't...[know]...what I'm going to wear, but, he really needs oxygen, real fast."

She continues on talking to the dispatcher, alerting him that she really needs to go put on some proper clothes. Savannah also lets her new friend know that they have a very small dog named Lou, "that kinda barks."

According to the 911 dispatch recording posted to YouTube, this call took place five years ago, but is all of a sudden resurfacing to totally brighten our days!

Here's another daily dose of cute for you:

Dose of Cute: Babies Laughing
Dose of Cute: Babies Laughing

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