The most mind-blowing weather photos of 2015


If you saw a lot of headlines with the words "worst," "highest" and "severe" in them this year, there's a reason. Global weather systems and phenomena broke records and surprised many seasoned forecasters and storm chasers alike. And thanks to the journalists who captured images on the scene, we have a stunning record of what it all looked like.

Snow continued to pile up in Boston after the city experienced a winter of snowfall more than double their annual average. Meanwhile in California, years of drought and climate change combined to contribute to the most severe wildfire season in 55 years, as staggering number of acres burned in more than 6,000 recorded fires.

In May, India was struck by a dangerous heat wave with some of the highest recorded temperatures, melting roads and leaving 2,500 people dead. Also this year, shocking amounts of smog blanketed Asia as air pollutant levels were so high that quality level devices were unable to take readings in some places.

Click through the slideshow above to see these phenomenons and more of the craziest, most unbelievable and downright out of this world weather photos of 2015.

Weather Captured from Plane Window
Weather Captured from Plane Window

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