The Internet is going crazy over this Taylor Swift look-alike

Taylor Swift Meets Doppelganger in Australia
Taylor Swift Meets Doppelganger in Australia

Talk about doppleganger of the year!

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Meet Olivia Sturgiss, a 19-year-old from Australia, who has blown up all over the Internet after she was discovered to look exactly like Taylor Swift. Here's a comparison for you:

Sturgiss says she doesn't purposefully try to look like Swift, but does admit that she got her hair cut and colored based on some Taylor Swift inspiration.

The two seem to have an eerie amount of coincidences, down to their affinity for red lipstick, polaroid style photos, and love of cats, of course.

Being the social media queen she is, Swift knows all about Sturgiss and even arranged to meet her at her Melbourne, Australia concert about a dream come true!

But, the two live definitely different lives though, as Sturgiss refers to herself as the "checkout chick," working as a retail assistant at Target.

She recently told the Daily Mail, "I think it's just the facial structure. I've got small eyes and bigger lips like her." But, Sturgiss reitterates that it's not just the makeup that is identical. "Sometimes I won't wear makeup at all and still get told I look like her."

So, now we want to know — do you think Sturgiss is Swift's doppleganger?

See photos of Taylor Swift through the years:

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