The best moment of the early GOP debate was inconceivable!

Graham References 'Princess Bride' at Debate
Graham References 'Princess Bride' at Debate

Of the four Republicans trying to revive their campaigns at Tuesday's undercard GOP debate, Lindsey Graham was the clear winner, at least in terms of humor and candor. In one of the greatest moments, Senator Graham went after fellow contender Ted Cruz's favorite cinematic masterpiece: The Princess Bride.

"Princess Buttercup would not like this," Graham quipped at Cruz's proposed policies for Syria. It's a particularly low blow: not only is the movie Ted Cruz's favorite to quote from, but the actor who played its star, Mandy Patinkin, recently went after Cruz, saying he'd missed the movie's message.

Naturally, Twitter had jokes. Here are some of the best:

See more moments from Tuesday night's debate:

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