School says boy can't wear 'Star Wars' shirt with gun on it

School Says Boy Can't Wear 'Star Wars' Shirt With Gun on It
School Says Boy Can't Wear 'Star Wars' Shirt With Gun on It

"Star Wars" shirts aren't uncommon -- especially recently, considering the buzz surrounding the upcoming film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

However, Joe Southern says his son Colton came home from George Junior High School in Texas and said he couldn't wear his "Star Wars" shirt anymore because the Stormtrooper is holding a gun.
According to the school's student handbook, the dress code forbids clothing that "contains language or symbols oriented toward violence."

Credit: Facebook

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Southern mentioned on Facebook his son had worn the shirt many other times with no problem and that his son is a model student.

"It's political correctness run amok. You're talking about a 'Star Wars' T-shirt, a week before the biggest movie of the year comes out. It has nothing to do with guns or making a stand," Southern told KTRK.

Local outlet KTRK reports Colton wasn't punished by the school, but was asked to zip up his jacket to cover the shirt.

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