Remember Bernard the Elf from 'The Santa Clause'? See what he looks like all grown up!

'The Santa Clause': 20 Christmases Later
'The Santa Clause': 20 Christmases Later

It's safe to say "The Santa Clause" is a Christmas movie classic.

Tim Allen scaring Santa Claus off the roof and then becoming Santa Claus himself, you really can't get much better than that. Everyone remembers Tim Allen from the movie, but next on that list: Bernard the Elf. Bernard the Elf is a character that seems to stick with everyone from "The Santa Clause."

Played brilliantly by David Krumholtz, Bernard the Elf used to look like this:

Bernard was, and apparently still is, a big reason people watch the movie, because they are still in love. Just check out some of the tweets from people professing their love for him!

It's safe to say he was the Jonathan Taylor Thomas of Christmas movies. Well, Krumholtz still pretty much looks the exact same! Just, a smidge older. David Krumholtz has been staying quite active since his portrayal of Bernard the Elf in "The Santa Clause."

Premiere A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas
Premiere A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

The Queens, New York City native has been involved with a variety of projects in the TV series "Gigi Does It," "Mom," "Master of None," "The Good Wife," and "The League."

Additionally, Krumholtz has starred in a variety of films as well, like the obvious "The Santa Clause 2," but also nominated film "The Judge,"A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D," and the upcoming star studded flick, "Hail, Caesar!"

Along with his film and television, Krumholtz has a pretty great Twitter feed as well. Just check out some of his latest tweets.

However, it's safe to say our favorite pic of him is below. Going to back to his roots!

Now go home and pop in that VHS of "The Santa Clause" and relive the 90s in the best way possible!

To get yourself even more into the Christmas spirit, check out some backstage photos from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

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