Pigeons lead cops to $70,000 marijuana grow house bust

Pigeons Lead Cops to $70,000 Marijuana Grow House Bust

People are not a fan of pigeons referring to them as "rats with wings." Now there's evidence to support that -- but only if you mean "rat" as in snitching on you to the cops.

UK police were led to a cannabis farm after noticing an unusual amount of pigeons hanging out on a roof in Liverpool.

Officers noticed not only the birds, but saw that the roof was the only one in the area that didn't have frost on it. So they got a warrant and busted in -- only to find 14 marijuana plants.

According to reports, the grow house was capable of producing over seventy thousand dollars a year.

And while the birds may have led officers to the grow house, no arrests have been made. No one was there when they discovered the weed and police are asking anyone in the area for any information to help them find the people ran the operation.

Growing weed requires a lot of heat lamps, which explains why there wasn't any frost on the roof and why so many pigeons were camping out there. The police shut down the grow house and the pigeons have since moved on.

On the bright side, don't freak out if you ever see a lot of birds in one place. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a Hitchcock movie come to life, it may just be an illegal drug operation!

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Pigeons lead cops to $70,000 marijuana grow house bust

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