Little boy had the most beautiful Christmas wish for Santa Claus

Little Boy Asks Santa to Pray With Him for Ill Baby He's Never Met
Little Boy Asks Santa to Pray With Him for Ill Baby He's Never Met

This Christmas, Prestyn Barnette didn't ask Santa Claus for the presents a 4-year-old typically would.

Instead of wishing for toys or games from the North Pole, the Columbus, South Carolina boy requested a very special type of gift-- a miracle, for another little boy, more than half way across the country.

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Prestyn and his family first found out about baby Knox, a 2-months-old boy on life support in Las Vegas, while scrolling through a prayer group his grandmother belongs to on Facebook.

According to a Kickstarter page created for Knox's family, the baby was found by his father in his crib, not breathing or responsive. While he was able to be revived, his family still prepared to say their goodbyes, as Knox did not immediately regain consciousness.

However, after baby Knox's condition began to improve, the family started reaching out within the online community to ask those who heard their story to pray for his recovery.

On Sunday, during a visit to a local mall, Prestyn took it upon himself to ask Santa for some divine intervention on behalf of the family, hoping that a prayer from the man in the Big Red Suit might give his chance at survuval a boost. Knox's family found the instance so moving, they shared the photo of Prestyn praying with Santa Claus on their Facebook page, dedicated to Knox and his progress.

Even Santa Claus is praying for Baby Knox! #TeamKnoxJoseph#kneelingforknox

Posted by Team Knox Joseph on Sunday, December 13, 2015

If that's not what the holidays are about, we don't know what is.

Check out another awesome Santa comforting a boy who just had a seizure:

Santa Snoozes With Boy After Seizure
Santa Snoozes With Boy After Seizure

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