OnlyOnAOL: Christina Milian talks 'Turned Up,' family, and her musical journey

Christina Milian On "Christina Milian Turned Up."
Christina Milian On "Christina Milian Turned Up."


Christina Milian has worn many hats throughout her career: singer, actress, TV personality, and, most recently, reality TV star. It's all of those phases of her career that have allowed her one true constant -- music -- to evolve.

"My musical growth is based on experience," she explained when we caught up with her. "It's about not having anything holding back my creativity."

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Though she's now at a point in her career where she's able to take charge of her music and make her own decisions about the direction of her sound, it hasn't always been that way. Milian told us that she used to throw out an idea and let others take the reigns. But now, as a mother, she's less willing to let others take control of her career and her life.

"I think that if you take matters into your own hands, you can make something that's perfect for you and your audience."

And that something perfect, in Milian's eyes, is "Christina Milian Turned Up," her reality show on E! that's currently in its second season. The show follows Milian and her tight-knit family, and comes across as being fairly real (as far as reality shows are concerned), which is something that she takes pride in.

"I think everything has been pretty honest, and that's all that I ask for," she confesses.

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Ensuring that her life was portrayed authentically on a reality show wasn't something that she ever really worried about, though. As a self-confessed "fan of reality TV," Milian insists that she was never nervous about how she would come across. Instead, she's doing "Turned Up" in an effort to let "my fans have a new, in-depth perception of who I am."

But really, "Christina Milian Turned Up" is about her relationship with her immediate family: Her sisters, her mother, and her daughter, Violet. And following years of traveling for her career, Milian says that deciding to appear on the show with them has made her closer with the most important people in her life.

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"It brought us closer, to be honest with you," she says confidently. "We're closer more now than ever. We were actually pretty close growing up, but it was just different. As kids, we don't know half of the things we know now. As women, it's about learning to respect each other's character and accepting each other even more."

And being closer to her family is something Christina Milian surely turns up for.

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