There is a service in NYC where you can 'rent a mom' for maternal advice

Woman Offers Herself Up For Rent As A Mom To Millennials
Woman Offers Herself Up For Rent As A Mom To Millennials

When things get tough, sometimes you just need some good old-fashion motherly advice. Lucky for you, that's exactly what Nina Keneally is here for!

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Keneally began her business, "Need A Mom," after she found that young strangers in her Brooklyn, NY neighborhood of Bushwick would often seek her out for advice.

According to her website, her service is for "when you need a mom ... just not YOUR mom." 63-year-old Keneally says that many enlist her help when they want advice about things they don't wish to discuss with their own parents.

With a quirky website, Need A Mom describes her services as a "mom who won't question your lifestyle choice." Or, "Be judgmental about your hair, your wardrobe, your friends, your vegan diet." Or (probably most importantly), "ask you to be in a selfie with her."

Sounds great, right? All of this judgement free advice can be yours for $40 an hour. And of course, this advice comes backed up with 30 years of mothering experience.

According to The Guardian, "Keneally had two sons, aged 30 and 27. She has also worked as a drug and rehabilitation counsellor, although she stresses she is not a therapist or doctor."

So, whether you need to make some real life-altering decisions and need an unbiased maternal opinion, or just want Keneally to sip tea with you, Need A Mom is at your service.

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