250 people pay it forward at Florida McDonald's in the name of holiday kindness

250 Customers 'Pay It Forward' At FL McDonald's

In the spirit of holiday kindness, one woman sparked a giving revolution at a Florida McDonald's.

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Lakeland, Florida woman, Torie Keene, decided to pay for her meal, as well as the car behind her's. Little did she know, this small gesture of selflessness would start a chain reaction of 250 people.

McDonald's cashier, Marisabel Figueroa told ABC she was surprised by the kindness effect, and decided to keep track as to how far the chain went. It lasted almost her entire six hour shift!

Figueroa told ABC News she feels "blessed" to be a part of this experience, and in her 12 years as a McDonald's employee, she says she has never seen anything like it.While truly heartwarming, this isn't the first time a pay it forward chain has gone viral.

Just recently, a Virginia Chick-fil-A made headlines when a local CBS anchor paid for just four cars before someone began to pay it forward. This led to a chain of 134 strangers brightening each other's days.

Watch people's reaction to the heart-warming gesture:

Reporter Sparks Unbelievable Chain Reaction of Customers Paying It Forward
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