Will Ferrell returns to 'SNL' as George W. Bush to talk Trump, GOP candidates

Will Ferrell Meets George W. Bush
Will Ferrell Meets George W. Bush

Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live as George W. Bush to make a big announcement.

To kickoff the Chris Hemsworth-hosted episode Dec. 12, the SNL alum reprised his portrayal as the former president to let everyone know that he plans to run for a third term and enter the crowded 2016 presidential race.

"The field of Republicans out there is so messed up, I figured, makes you miss me, doesn't it? And that's saying a lot," says Ferrell as Bush.

Insisting that he already selected his campaign song, ("Ready or Not" by The Fugees), he goes on to give his opinion on several of the Republican frontrunners.

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He says he can barely hear Ben Carson when he talks. "I got news for him, running the country is not brain surgery -- trust me, I know," he says. In many ways, he says, Carly Fiorina reminds him of himself. Then he pairs Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio together, saying they sound like they could be a Miami law firm.

But most of the mocking is reserved for Donald Trump and "brother" Jeb Bush.

"And then you got this knucklehead, with the hair and the 100-foot wall," he says while breaking into hysterics over a photo of Trump with his mouth open. He then dismisses Trump's proposal for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.: "Yeah, great idea. That's impossible to implement and not what this country is about."

When it comes to "poor Jeb," he concludes, "You gotta admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one."

Watch the clip below:

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