Serena Williams can't go the distance in her own charity race

Todd Cunningham
Sportsman of the Year Contenders: Serena Williams
Sportsman of the Year Contenders: Serena Williams

It's her charity race, and Serena Williams can quit if she wants to, and that's exactly what the tennis superstar did Sunday.

Williams only ran part of the way through her Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run in Miami Beach, Florida, before taking a taxi to the finish line, the Daily Mail reported.

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In a Facebook video, Williams admitted she bowed out of the 5K run. "I didn't run the whole way this year, but next year I will," she said after the race ended.

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The event raises money for the Serena Williams Fund, which focuses on "helping individuals and communities affected by senseless violence, and promoting equal access to education."

The run has three levels — a quarter marathon, a 5k and an ultimate kids' dash. Williams' sister Venus was also entered into the event and completed the race.

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Injuries forced Serena to withdraw this fall from several tennis competitions and they may still be plaguing her.

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"It's no secret I've played injured most of the year – whether it was my elbow, my knee, or, in the final moments after a certain match in Flushing, my heart," Williams said after announcing her withdrawal from several matches in October, according to ESPN.

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