Johnny Manziel signs $100 bill (Video)

Browns Showcasing Manziel for Potential Trade?
Browns Showcasing Manziel for Potential Trade?

Johnny Manziel has had his fair share of nicknames from his as a member of bothTexas A&M and the Cleveland Browns. Ahead of the Browns game on Sunday, he signed a fan's $100 bill with the name "Money Manziel"

Manziel had found a way to shed his old nickname, but he brought it back on Sunday for one lucky fan. That fan better frame his $100 bill, because it's basically useless to use due to the unique signature. For starters it's unique to have money autographed, but for Manziel to sign it "Money Manziel" makes it even more rare.

If Manziel can have a successful NFL career and win a Super Bowl or two, this fan could sell his $100 bill for much more money. Browns fans has a whole hope Manziel back under center as the team's starting QB can change the tide and lead Cleveland to some wins with four weeks of football left in the 2015 season.

It's been a heart-breaking season for Cleveland fans and a whirlwind season for Manziel with his off-field actions. However, he made one fan's day by signing his money with "Money Manziel."

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