26 times Taylor Swift's Instagram game was on point

No One Dances to Taylor Swift Songs in the Car Harder Than Taylor Swift
No One Dances to Taylor Swift Songs in the Car Harder Than Taylor Swift

It's safe to say that Taylor Swift is a pop culture phenomenon.

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Whether it is slaying the concert game one amazing surprise guest at a time (still trying to get over Ellen DeGeneres and Lisa Kudrow), or being super gracious to her fans, she is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

In order to pay tribute to the Pop Princess' 26th birthday today, we've gone through her Instagram and found 26 of the best photos that prove she is the greatest.

26.) That time she got a big, cardboard cut out of her cat, and we had nothing.

25.) That time she dressed up as Olaf as she sang next to Elsa.

24.) That time she danced with her most adorable little fan.

23.) That time she received a sweater with her face on it and was happier than ever.

22.) That time she became a (fairy) godmother.

21.) That time she didn't invite us to her 4th of July party and had that epic water slide.

20.) That time she had a birthday party and pretty much everyone famous showed up.

19.) That time she uploaded a photo of her and Calvin and almost broke the Internet.

18.) That time she uploaded the ultimate family photo.

17.) That time she cooked with Ina Garten and made everyone super jealous.

16.) That time she dropped '1989' and looked out onto New York like the ruler of the free world.

15.) That time she dressed up as a Pegacorn for Halloween.

14.) That time she showed us her adorable texts with Ed Sheeran.

13.) That time she uploaded a picture that should have actually broken the Internet.

12.) That time she brought the entire "Bad Blood" squad to the VMAs.

11.) That time she won an Emmy.

10.) That time Kanye West sent her a cube of flowers.

9.) That time she hung out and sang with 90's queen, Alanis Morissette.

8.) That time she tried to reason with a bunch of sheep.

7.) That time she made a "Friends" reference and spoke to everyone who has siblings.

6.) That time she gave a shout out to a fan on Tumblr in the best way possible.

5.) That time she played guitar with the one and only, Madonna.

4.) That time she showed her belly button and everyone lost it.

3.) That time she proved to be #familygoals.

2.) That time she was all of us at 7 AM.

1.) That time she sang with Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon on stage during the "SNL 40th Reunion" after party.

There you have it, Taylor Swift truly is the greatest!

Want more from the Grammy winner? Check out hte gallery below!

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