This little girl loses it when she recognizes the 'Frozen' theme tune

Two-year-old Penny spent the day at Disneyland with her family watching a marching band perform - and the moment the musicians performed "Let it Go" from "Frozen" she could not contain her excitement.

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Her dad captured the adorable moment and shared the video to YouTube. When his daughter recognized the chorus to the song, she jumped with joy and exclaimed: "It's Frozen! It's Frozen! It's Frozen!"

Penny's dad Bryce Hanson tells INSIDE EDITION: "We were pretty surprised. She's a budding little musician, which isn't that surprising because both my wife and I have music degrees."

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The little girl also loves to make up songs and play around on the piano and her dad thinks she's pretty special.

"Not anything out of the ordinary for a toddler, but, I think it's pretty impressive," Bryce said.

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For more adorable Frozen moments, watch the video below:

Stephen Curry & Wife Ayesha Sing Song from Disney's Frozen
Stephen Curry & Wife Ayesha Sing Song from Disney's Frozen

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