Murdoch to Republicans: Don't interfere with Trump

Murdoch to Republicans: Don't Interfere With Trump
Murdoch to Republicans: Don't Interfere With Trump

Rupert Murdoch has some words for the Republican Party - don't interfere with Trump.

The media mogul took to twitter Friday, saying "GOP mad to think of expelling Trump or ganging up. Only justify independent run, guarantee Hilary win. Beatable with better based ideas."

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These comments come just one day after The Washington Post reported several veteran Republican operatives met near the capitol for a dinner hosted by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. At the dinner, the party heavy weights discussed the possibility of a brokered convention, which occurs when no one candidate has enough delegates to win the nomination by the start of the national convention and an inevitable floor fight ensues.

There hasn't been one in American politics for more than 60 years, but the sheer number of Republican candidates with strong poll numbers makes it much more likely this year.

As Steve Yaccino writes for Bloomberg Politics, "If three or more Republican candidates are still competitive in the presidential race beyond March 15, as seems increasingly possible, it will be difficult to avoid a situation in which no candidate accumulates over 50 percent of delegates, so multiple ballots could be needed to select the Republican nominee in Cleveland next summer."

The last brokered convention was in 1952 on the Democratic side.

The worry of Republican party insiders has grown in recent months as Trump has maintained his lead in the polls. However, former Bush Adviser Karl Rove noted in the Wall Street Journal last month that a brokered convention is "not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Republicans took three ballots in 1860 to pick a fellow named Lincoln."

More notable moments from Donald Trump's 2016 campaign:

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