Millennials share their beliefs on gun control

2015 was a year not only of gun violence, but also of philosophy on how to remedy the rampant issue. The topic has taken over media and stirred up social unrest as well as demands for social change.

Celebrities, politicians and people all over the globe have begun speaking up about how gun violence is tearing our country apart and voicing the necessity for stricter control over the issue. Ironically, in the midst of the national debate over how to resolve the issue, gun sales have been rising.

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Oftentimes, people believe that the key to effecting change lies in the hands of the youth -- but that becomes especially problematic when they have such polarized views. Several millennials took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express how they really feel about gun control.

There's a difference between taking precautionary measures & fully breaching the second amendment:
We need stricter gun control. I

Determining the root of the problem is key to effecting change:
America needs more mental healthcare professionals not more gun control laws.

When something as precious as human life is at risk, changing structure as soon as possible is necessary:
We need stricter gun control laws. I

Situations involving mass, widespread violence are too convoluted for a one-click solution:
I feel like the solution to gun violence is a little more complex than just banning guns. We need to do more with centralized background checks.

The question of whether a legal change will affect people who are inherent lawbreakers raises a lot of concerns:
The issue with gun control is not the people who obey the laws made to restrict gun ownership; it

Otherwise long-standing beliefs might change when bloodshed starts:

Many people feel like gun control will infringe upon their basic rights:
Gun control makes no sense to me. People have a right to defend themselves.

Some facts are hard to argue with:
Statistics show that less guns means less gun deaths. Unless we make a ban on personal gun use than we

Facing all of the nation's violent issues is necessary in taking steps to resolve them:
We can

Addressing gun violence in the same way we address other crises might be the answer:
If America approached gun violence as they do terrorism - maybe something would get done.

Taking one step towards resolution doesn't mean that there aren't more steps to follow:
Just because I

Perhaps paying more respect to laws already in place could be a solution:
We don

For more millennial views on gun control, check out Whisper.

Want some more insight into the gun control debate? Check out the video below:
Is Gun Control Neccessary?

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