Video reveals woman being beaten on train...while bystanders do nothing to help

'The View': John Quinones Previews "What Would You Do?" on "The View"
'The View': John Quinones Previews "What Would You Do?" on "The View"

This is a classic case of "what would you do?"

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If faced with a situation where someone is clearly being attacked and in need of help many wouldn't think twice to help them.

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the bystanders witnessing this horrifying fight on a train recently.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, "the footage obtained shows a woman violently attacked by two others on board a train as fellow passengers ignore her cries for help."

Watch the disturbing video here (warning, viewer discretion is advised):

It is unclear where this event occurred, but is believed to be somewhere in the United States. You can see as the victim is being put in a headlock, kicked and harassed, bystanders either look away or look down at their phones.

In fact, as the Daily Mirror points out, "at one point the woman directly pleads with them saying, 'Can you help me please.'

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