This 'Frozen' themed light show will totally mesmerize the kids (and kids at heart)

With Christmas creeping on us, it's sometimes easy for forget what the holidays are really about...epic light shows, of course.

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We're kidding. But, light shows are definitely a big part of what makes the Christmas season feel truly magical for the entire family.

Facebook user, Hannah Colleen Pigman, clearly feels the same way. She captured this "Frozen" inspired home while driving with her family in Arkansas; and we're so glad she did.

This amazing house features the video of Elsa's "Let It Go" projected above their garage, with thousands of lights "dancing" in synchrony with the cheerful tunes.

Take a look:

Yalllll!!! Mark and I stumbled upon a house in our neighborhood that did THIS!!!

Posted by Hannah Colleen Pigman on Monday, December 7, 2015

The post has already managed to rack up a whopping 46,349 likes and 209,269 shares...showing just how universal love for Disney's "Frozen" really is.

So incredible! Now, we're all left wondering, how in the world did this tech savvy family manage to do this?

Hopefully, the mystery family will reveal themselves and let us in on how to create a light show of our own. Maybe next time, with dub step?

Family Creates Jaw-Dropping 11-Minute Christmas Dubstep Light Show
Family Creates Jaw-Dropping 11-Minute Christmas Dubstep Light Show

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