The PieLogen is half pie, half cheesecake and it's absolutely glorious!

Thanksgiving 'Piecaken' Takes Over Social Media
Thanksgiving 'Piecaken' Takes Over Social Media

As the video above clearly shows, the PieCaken (aka, a pie stuffed into a cake) was the newest, hottest dessert on the market a few months back. After being introduced to the extremely strange and mouth-watering dessert, we didn't think anything could ever top it's deliciousness. Although it was apparently an underground hit for years, it finally became mainstream this year -- and naturally, the world couldn't contain its excitement.

But now, something even sweeter (figuratively and literally) has come to our attention and we simply couldn't wait to share it with you. It has all the fixings of some of your favorite sweet treats mixed into one glorious dessert. Ladies and gents, meet the PieLogan!

While your mouths are probably watering as we speak, try to hold it together for a few more moments as we dive into exactly what this dessert entails. Thanks to the brilliant makers of the PieCaken, The PieLogan features a bottom layer of toffee pecan pie, followed by an entire eggnog cheesecake, with a chocolate caramel yule log placed on top. We know what you're thinking -- O.M.G.

But it doesn't stop there. The final touch is that the whole thing is held together with layers of chocolate buttercream frosting. Can you say "YUM?" Created for your holiday enjoyment, the PieLogen is available for purchase for $65. Clearly, you CAN put a price on perfection -- but we have to say, this glorious delight just might be worth it.

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