OnlyOnAOL: Gregg Sulkin on girlfriend Bella Thorne and why he has 'never been happier'

Actor Gregg Sulkin Answers 5 of Your Questions
Actor Gregg Sulkin Answers 5 of Your Questions


Gregg Sulkin has had a big year: Between starring on the second season of MTV's "Faking It," being nominated for a Teen Choice Award, and dating fellow rising star Bella Thorne, it's been a banner 12 months for him. And, in his words, he's "never been happier."

His relationship with Thorne made headlines when the pair showed up -- and presented -- together at the Teen Choice Awards this year, confirming rumors that they were dating. Ever since, despite their crazy schedules, they've been completely inseparable. Making it work, Sulkin says, is easy.

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"I've always thought that if you want to make something work, you make it work. No matter what the field or what industry you're in, if you love someone and you care about them, you do everything possible to make them feel happy," he explains. "Obviously, we are both busy and we both travel a lot, so we try do everything we can to show each other affection and care."

Though that affection and care was on display at a recent Los Angeles Clippers game, Sulkin insists that the pair recognizes the importance of private moments for the success of their relationship. In fact, privacy has proven to be something that they can count on with each other.

"We spend pretty much every day together, so we just have private moments and private experiences that we don't tell anyone about," he says. "There are parts that people know about, but also parts that are private and kept between us."

Photos of Gregg Sulkin and his girlfriend Bella Thorne:

With the holidays on the way, the "it" couple is planning on sharing one of those private moments with Thorne's family. Sulkin says that this is the first Christmas ever that he won't be spending with his family in London, where he's originally from, which he knew was part of the price he would eventually pay by moving to L.A., calling being away from his family "one of the sacrifices I have to make."

Instead, he's "so excited" to be spending Christmas and New Years with Thorne's family.

"I'll be sitting up, cozy, watching Christmas movies in Los Angeles."

Something else he might be doing over the holidays? Playing video games! Sulkin says that he's "always been a big gamer." When we talked to him, he has just gotten a sneak peek of Sparrow Racing from Activision's game "Destiny: The Taken King." Though he says the game is "so sick," he had a major mishap while playing it: He ripped his pants!

Other than video games, Sulkin says that in his spare time he just likes to do what he calls "dude stuff," like watching movies, working out, having fun with his girlfriend, and hanging out with his boys. It's the simple things in life that keep him going.

"The most important thing is that I remain happy," he says. And by the sound of it, he couldn't be happier.

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