OnlyOnAOL: Get ready to 'Sea' lots more of Tom Holland, your new Spider-Man

Ben Walker On "In The Heart Of The Sea"
Ben Walker On "In The Heart Of The Sea"


For someone who dislikes water, Tom Holland has starred in two very high-profile, very aquatic films. He played Naomi Watts' son in the disaster epic "The Impossible," and today, he's in Ron Howard's equally wet "In the Heart of the Sea."

So we almost choked on our drink when Holland said that in fact, he's much better off on dry land.

"I'm terrible at swimming. Like, really, really bad. I'd rather not be at sea. That's not my thing. I just wore life jackets under my costumes," he says.

Production was turbulent, to say the least. Remember that emaciated photo that Holland's costar Chris Hemsworth shared on Instagram?

The entire cast felt the way he looked. "The hardest part was the weight loss. You leave work and you're hungry. You wake up and you're hungry. We were not allowed to eat. It was constant. Everyone was starving. I'd fall asleep all the time," says Holland.

"Sea" aside, Holland is hitting the big time. The British actor has been named as Marvel's new Spider-Man. He won't say anything about the very coveted role, previously played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and won't even reveal when the film starts shooting. But first, look for him in "Captain America: Civil War" on May 6, 2016.

He learned about landing Peter Parker in the most social way possible.

"I found out on Instagram. Marvel had put up a photo. I went on their web site. There was a paragraph about who they cast. It said my name and I went crazy. My brother thought that maybe they'd been hacked," says Holland with a laugh.

Thankfully, Hemsworth, a Marvel mainstay as Thor, has been generous with his time and input.

"He told me what to be ready for. He gave me some advice about staying the same person, keeping your friends and family close. My friends don't care about my career. They care about me being me. My family doesn't give me an inch. I have to do the dishes all the time," says Holland.

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