Most of us are parking the wrong way, AAA says

So, Most of Us Are Parking the Wrong Way, AAA Says
So, Most of Us Are Parking the Wrong Way, AAA Says

AAA says more than 76 percent of U.S. drivers are parking incorrectly.

"U.S. drivers most frequently park their vehicle by pulling forward into a parking spot ... a riskier practice that driving experts warn leaves pedestrians more vulnerable."

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So apparently, we should be backing into parking spots.

Now, all cars manufactured by 2018 will have rearview cameras with enhanced visibility, but they're not 100 percent effective, so don't completely rely on them.

Regardless, we're pretty sure nothing is more embarrassing than having to call your mother or spouse to tell them you got into an accident in a parking lot -- so it may be worth attempting to make the change.

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