Counting down the top 30 college football mascots of all time


When you go to see a college football game in person most of you are traveling to watch your favorite team come away with a hard-fought win on the gridiron against a conference foe or in-state rival.

Some undoubtedly go for the tailgating and sense of community and school pride that arises when you're eating grilled and smoked meats and pouring adult beverages by the case down your throat. And some are there to watch the band and cheerleaders perform.

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But even if they aren't the primary reason for your attendance at football, basketball or any other campus event, the mascots play a significant role in the program. Mascots can be living animals, humans in animal costumes or wacky outfits. Sometimes they're not even animals or people, but rather fictional characters or inanimate objects who are responsible for leading the cheers from the student section in a sold out stadium.

Mascots pose for pictures with students on graduation day, children grow up wearing mascot-themed apparel and are often the most recognizable part of a university or athletic program.

With college football in the middle of its playoff run, now is a perfect time to honor the mascots who are the best at what they do for their program.

There is no scientific formula for picking and ranking the mascots, it's all subjective, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below with your reaction to the list and who should be ranked higher and who was the biggest snub.

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