10-year-old collects hundreds of mittens to keep Syrian refugees warm

First Planeload of Syrian Refugees Arrives in Canada
First Planeload of Syrian Refugees Arrives in Canada

On Thursday night, Canada welcomed over 100 Syrian refugees under a new accelerated entry program and will welcome up to 25,000 refugees by March. One ten-year-old boy is doing something amazing to make sure each of these refugees feels welcomed in the country.

After learning about the Syrian refugee crisis on the news, Lucas Djaroyan came up with an idea to collect mittens and hats to make refugees feel warm and comfortable during Canada's cold winter. He calls his winter gear drive "the mitten tree" and encourages his fellow students to hang their donations on a Christmas tree in the school, City News reports.

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"I think every kid enjoys to decorate a Christmas tree," Lucas explained. Lucas initially thought he would only collect a few dozen mittens but before he knew it he had collected hundreds of donations and they would no longer fit on the tree.

Many of Lucas' classmates support his efforts. "I like it a lot because when you look it at you think this many refugees are going to be able to have warm hands and heads," Lucas' classmate Mila Andrijasevic said.

Syrian refugees arrive in Canada:

Lucas's family plans to drop off the donations at the end of the week. He hopes that his idea will inspire other kids to create mitten trees in their own schools.

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