1.5 million bottles of Sweet Leaf Tea recalled for glass fragments


The Sweet Leaf Tea Company announced late Thursday it was recalling 1.5 million bottles of iced tea glass fragments may be found inside the bottles.

Consumers could potentially be cut or injured if ingested," the company warned in a press release about the incident.

Sweet Leaf Tea Company Recalls 1.5M Bottles
Sweet Leaf Tea Company Recalls 1.5M Bottles

The flavors recalled include original raspberry, half and half lemonade tea, green tea with citrus, peach and mint and honey.

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They were all distributed between February 27th and December 6th of this year.

So far, Sweet Leaf Tea has received four complaints about glass found in the drinks, but there have not been any injuries reported. Customers can return them to the store for a full refund. Plastic bottle products are not affected.

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