What this couple did instead of an elaborate wedding will make you jealous

Is Wedding Planning Driving You Crazy?
Is Wedding Planning Driving You Crazy?

With the cost of weddings continuously rising, some couples feel overwhelmed with their ever-growing budget and stressful planning.

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What if you just put the wedding on hold, and did something more meaningful to yourself and your partner?

Well, this is exactly what Charlie Smith and her fiancé did. After a lifetime of hustle and bustle in "regular life," the Australian couple decided to take a risk for true "wanderlust."

As reported by the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Charlie and her fiancé (who is referred to only as Captain) sold their home, bought a boat, left their jobs, and set sail. So far, their 38 foot boat has taken them around the west of the Mediterranean, to France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

Before setting sail, Charlie worked as a TV weather presenter and model, while "Captain" was an architectural designer and house flipper.%shareLinks-quote="So many people wait until retirement to go cruising. The way we see it; There is little reward without a little risk. " type="quote" author="Charlie Smith" authordesc="Daily Mail" isquoteoftheday="false"%Charlie explains to the Daily Mail that they aren't throwing the idea of a wedding away, just putting it on hold, as they spent their wedding budget on their adventure.

The couple has been living out their dream since May and say they are in no rush to get anywhere — as they are simply enjoying their life together.

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