Unique tattoo trend is the new alternative to buying engagement rings

There aren't many things in this world as permanent as getting a tattoo. Sure, with a couple professional sessions you can certainly get them removed, but in reality -- the physical scar doesn't heal as quick as you think it would. And since they say diamonds are forever as well, that may be the reason why some couples are now choosing to switch things up a bit when it comes to their engagement rings.

According to The Knot's annual survey on the cost of weddings, the amount spent on engagement rings rose to over $5,000 in 2014. Yikes! That's a huge chunk of change. Although, who can actually put a price on eternal love, right? But if you think those those prices are a little steep, then an engagement or wedding tattoo might just be the perfect way to go about showcasing your love for your significant other.

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In case you're a little skeptical however, you should know that people all around the world are giving into this unique tattoo trend, showing off their love in both bold and minimalistic ink. Take a look at the slideshow above to see a few sweet engagement tattoos that just might inspire you.

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This Year's Most Fascinating Tattoo Trends
This Year's Most Fascinating Tattoo Trends

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