The sassiest schoolwork answers of 2015 relived

The Sassiest Homework Answers of 2015
The Sassiest Homework Answers of 2015

If kids say the darnedest things, they write some sassy stuff too.

Many incorrect -- but spunky -- schoolwork answers hit social media in 2015.

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Kindergartener Semra Young was assigned to write something she likes about herself. She drew a self portrait and wrote "I like my bodee". A+ for promoting a positive body image, Semra.

A little environmentalist was asked how to build a house on this land while protecting its natural resources. The answer? "You can just forget about the house."

Jenn Morrison Douglas' daughter made mom proud on her math homework. The question talked about a group of eight friends who all dated each other at one point. The student objected, saying, "I can't answer this problem because my mom says according to girl code you shouldn't date a friend's boyfriend."

The top of the class may just be this kid who was asked to show his "thinking" for the answer to a previous question on the assignment. His answer? He drew a thought bubble above his head with the answer in it -- literally showing himself thinking. Golden.

Maybe the kids taught the teachers a thing or two this year -- at least humor-wise.

Which was your favorite? Sound off!

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