OnlyOnAOL: Just pour some sugar on 'Unforgettable' star Poppy Montgomery

Poppy Montgomery On "Unforgettable"
Poppy Montgomery On "Unforgettable"


There's a reason that Poppy Montgomery calls her series, "Unforgettable," the show with nine lives.

The police procedural, starring Montgomery as a detective with a photographic memory, premiered in 2011 on CBS. It was cancelled not once, but twice. And now, the fourth season is airing Fridays on A&E. Lala Anthony has entered the fold as the show's new medical examiner.

"It has this weird following, which is amazing," says Montgomery. "It's like going on safari. You have to hunt to find us."

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Now, her character has found her groove. And she's able to curse, with the show now airing on cable.

"She used to be troubled and I was crying constantly. Now I'm jaunty and have to have really good teeth. By the way, I woke up this morning and half of my front tooth was missing," says Montgomery. "Why am I eating candy, you guys? I still have baby pounds to lose!"

If you're looking for a tightly-packaged and heavily-handled Hollywood star, Montgomery is not your woman. Nothing much seems to get under Montgomery's skin -- she's upbeat, quick-witted and not freaked out by much.

"I do have a hair phobia. If it's on your head, I'm OK. if it's on the floor -- no," says Montgomery.

Montgomery heads up a blended family, combining her kids, and those of her second husband, Shawn Sanford. So before this interview, she kicks back on a couch, looking at her phone.

"I'm just checking on the 97 children I gave birth to," says Montgomery. "I have five. Two of them I didn't actually birth. I'm not getting up. I refuse."

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