Morning Rewind, 12/10: DeAndre Jordan made Greg Monroe reconsider his profession

Gardner: Bucks Fade in Second Half
Gardner: Bucks Fade in Second Half

DeAndre Jordan has been known to violate other human beings when they get in the way of him trying to slam dunk a basketball. And he did that again on Wednesday night.

Much to Jordan's displeasure, Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks attempted to stop him from connecting on a dunk. And it was Monroe who paid the price.


This certainly isn't the first time DeAndre has ruined a defender's day. Let's take a look back to 2013, when he made Brandon Knight consider retirement at just 21.

Or, from last season, his slam on top of Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Or, this one, over Rudy Gobert and his 7'9" wingspan.

Jordan has made a habit of doing this, but that doesn't mean it will be getting old any time soon.

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