Man has heart attack due to energy drink 'addiction'

5 Facts About Energy Drinks You Need to Know
5 Facts About Energy Drinks You Need to Know

Warning to all you caffeine addicts out there, excessively consuming energy drinks could cause serious consequences.

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28-year-old Martin Bowling from the UK became so "mentally addicted" to energy drinks that he was spending £75 ($113.68) a week on the dangerous habit. What's even worse? This wasn't a one week bender kind of thing...this went on for seven years.

Well, the addiction finally caught up to Bowling recently, when he collapsed at a local pub after consuming eight energy drinks that night.%shareLinks-quote="I feel lucky and extremely thankful to be alive. There were no warning signs. I don't even know if it hurt...I just remember hitting the floor and waking up in hospital. Now I see those drinks as death in a can." type="quote" author="Martin Bowling" authordesc="UK Daily Sun" isquoteoftheday="false"%According to the UK Daily Mail, Bowling woke up in a hospital bed and was told he had suffered a cardiac arrest due to the extremely high caffeine levels in his bloodstream.

What's even more surprising? Bowling says, "Even when doctors told me high caffeine levels were the cause, I still wanted a can. It was ridiculous."

While you may be thinking that you're never going to get to the point of seven energy drinks per day, just be mindful of your overall caffeine consumption — it can really catch up to you!

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