In honor of Human Rights Day, people reveal what they really think about the state of human rights in today's society

"Human rights" might seem like a vague idea whose exact meaning gets lost in all the hubbub of modern controversy and social media. However, its true meaning is quite self-explanatory -- every human being has was born with certain rights.

While the United States' founding fathers defined these rights as "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," the modern definition of what what all people are owed sits under a much bigger umbrella.

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Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal what they really think about the state of human rights in today's society.

Having controversial core beliefs might trump other positive aspects of a person's personality:
I don

Modern practice of human rights, or lack thereof, doesn't only affect today's society but influences what's to come:
I pray for my future children

It often seems like financial business stands in the way of what should be automatic pleasure:

Something as simple as basic support can be surprisingly moving:
Someone told me I was worthy of basic human rights, same as everyone else on this planet. It was so simple but it brought me to tears. Equality for Humanity.

Human rights means that even the haters get a voice:
If we don

There's no place for exclusivity when it comes to human rights:
If you only support religious freedom for people of your faith, you don

Appreciating the little things in life can make you feel unbelievably lucky:
My basic human rights are met. I

To some, utopia just means unity:
I dream of a world, with no racism, no sexism, no religious prejudice, where we live as one race, one people, United through a common cause, human survival and betterment and freedom for all.

Personal prejudices aren't excuses for the denial of human rights:
People need to stop letting prejudice defend blatant human rights violations.

You know what they say: What goes around, comes around:
For the most part, history has never gone well for people who denied others their basic human rights.

The devastating hate that some people show others makes for a dismal life outlook:
Why is this world so full of hate? People dying everywhere. And we destroy what we create- people fighting for their human rights while we just go on saying "c

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Here's some more on what exactly defines an unalienable right:

What Makes a Right Universal

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