How to easily turn an old Christmas sweater into a beautiful stocking

Turn an Ugly Christmas Sweater Into a Beautiful Stocking
Turn an Ugly Christmas Sweater Into a Beautiful Stocking

Last year's old Christmas sweater may seem useless this time around, but before you toss is out completely, we just might have a fabulous idea. Instead of writing it off as ugly and pointless to have around, why not turn it into something beautiful? Believe it or not, turning an ugly Christmas sweater into a lovely stocking is extremely easy and will make for an awesome talking point at any holiday party.

Whether you'd like to give it to a loved one as an extra little gift, or use it for yourself this Christmas -- these handmade stockings will make you feel like a creative little elf. So, spread some DIY joy over the holidays and transform that old sweater into a stocking you won't soon want to toss out.

What you'll need:

  • Old sweater

  • Stocking pattern

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue

What to do:

  • Trace the outline of a stocking into paper to make the stocking pattern and cut

  • Lay out an old sweater and trace the stocking pattern into it then cut again

  • Glue the front and back sides of the sweater together using fabric glue

  • Cut out a piece of the collar and glue a loop onto the top right hand side for hanging

And presto! You've got your own handmade stocking for all the stocking stuffers you can imagine. Go, you!

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