Are DNA sealed diamond bands the engagement ring of the future?

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?
How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Think you're ready to propose to your sweetheart? Or maybe you're simply looking for a super unique holiday gift for a loved one? Whatever the case may be, we just may have something that sparkles a little less than your traditional ring, but has all the personal touches you can imagine! Switzerland-based start-up company Identity Inside, is looking to make jewelry that includes a sample of your DNA.

We know what you're thinking -- "Say what?" While the idea may sound a little strange, Identity Inside just might be changing the game forever. According to their website, lead inventor Robert Grass, has previously "pioneered the use of DNA fossils in anti-counterfeit and digital information storage." In other words, he understands this whole DNA thing.

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So how exactly does it work? Customers collect their DNA samples using saliva swabs and send them to the Identity Inside research team in Switzerland. They then "fossilize" the DNA into a powdered substance and add it to the inside of the jewelry before adding the diamonds.

%shareLinks-quote="The DNA and diamond are placed on the inside of the ring so that they are optimally protected, and can be worn every day - guaranteeing the DNA can maintain its integrity for thousands of years - just as in a natural fossil! " type="quote" author="" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

And their ultimate goal? To have 3 options for proclaiming love through DNA. A silver ring, a watch with a leather strap and a rose-gold pendant (pictured above). All options include real diamonds, as well as a DNA sample.

Check out their KickStarter campaign if you absolutely love this unique ring idea!

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