15 things you forgot happened in 2015 (that absolutely did happen)

The Ariana Grande Donut Scandal Continues
The Ariana Grande Donut Scandal Continues

Between Ariana Grande licking donuts in the name of physical fitness and a Tumblr user tearing the internet in two over the color of a dress, it's been a real red-letter year for Internet memes.

2015 saw the rise and fall of so many new Charlie bit my finger's that it almost became impossible to keep track of all the things we were freaking out over.

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Unfortunately, when the ball drops on January 1st, it's almost guaranteed that we'll forget about these momentary celebrities forever. In honor of the 2015, here are the top 15 heroes (and occasional villains) who amused us the most this year. Enjoy the last hurrah:

#15. That J.Crew Gingham Shirt

Word on the street is that in 2015, a secret law was passed that every male in the Untied states was required to own this shirt. And according to Business Insider, they willingly complied. An Instagram account created solely to call out guys wearing the particular checkered shirt blew up earlier this year, garnering a staggering 17.2k preppy followers.

#14. Shia LaBeouf #AllMyMovies

You may have already wiped Shia LeBeouf's latest antic from your mind, but we're here to remind you that yes, he did in fact film himself watching all of his movies for an art project entitled #ALLMYMOVIES. From this attendee's account, it sounded like a pretty...interesting experience. And here we were thinking he wasn't even famous anymore.

#13.​ The Mets were really, REALLY ridiculously good for once

Any long-suffering Mets fan can relate to the euphoric confusion that was the 2015 MLB postseason. Defying every single one of our expectations, the Mets advanced to the World Series after sweeping the Cubs 4-0 in the NLCS, taking home their first National League Pennant in 15 years. Of course, in true Mets fashion, they still completely blew it in the end, losing the World Series to the Royals 4-1, but dare we say...they were still pretty Amazin'.

#12. Left Shark

Superbowl XLIX was the most-watched show in U.S. television history-- 114.4 Million people across the states tuned in to cry at sad car and beer commercials watch the Patriots take on the Seahawks. With that many viewers, it's no surprise that we got at least one viral moment from the event. During the Katy Perry halftime show, Twitter was quick to notice that one of the costume clad backup dancers, dubbed "left shark," seemed a little less on point than his right shark counterpart. Naturally, multiple Twitter accounts were created for Left Shark, and it was one of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2015.

#11. #ThanksgivingClapback

Thanksgiving: A time to get together with family and loved ones over giant plates of food and give thanks for all we have in our lives. Oh, and also to share some of the best comebacks we have ever seen on Twitter with the hashtag #ThanksgivingClapback. During the hashtag's peak, uncles were shut down, potato salads were disrespected, and prides in general were destroyed. Not even grandma was safe from the shade.

#10. Hot Debate Guy

Politics are important. So of course, instead of actually paying attention to what the next potential leaders of the free world had to say during the GOP Debate, the American public was gazing off into the audience at a particularly dreamy attendee, lovingly dubbed "hot debate guy" until his real identity was uncovered. So what is he doing now? Gregory Caruso says he's considering using all this viral attention to pursue a career in acting.

#9. Hot Jeopardy Guy

Apparently, 2015 was a great year for "hot guys" going viral. Edging out "hot debate guy" on the list is hot Jeopardy guy-- because yes, intelligence is sexy. Though contestant Tom didn't exactly play the best game on record (instead of answering Final Jeopardy, cool Tom responded with a simple "What"), he still won the Daily Double in our hearts with his modelesque pouting and smoldering stare. We'll take "Swooning" for $600, Alex.

#8. Pizza Rat

When a video of a rat carrying an entire slice of pizza down a flight of subway stairs surfaced on YouTube, it sent the Internet into chaos. It's not like we haven't all been there. Anyone who has ever ordered a meal at the Cheesecake Factory or gone for that extra side of cheese fries for a late night snack at the diner fully understands what it's like to have eyes bigger than one's stomach. As in the case of Left Shark, a Twitter account was created for Pizza Rat, and it was one of the weirdest sexy Halloween costumes of 2015.

#7. Tom Brady's Courtroom Drawing

If you're not familiar with "Deflategate," here's the lowdown: After the Patriots beat the Colts 45-7 on January 18, the Colts complained that several game footballs were under inflated, which the NFL confirmed. Accusing Tom Brady of being "at least generally aware" of the rules violations, he was handed a four-game suspension, a decision which he appealed and later had vacated in court. As no cameras can be present in courtrooms, outsiders could only depend on a sketch artist for an accurate portrayal of Brady at the hearing. What we got was so, so, so much better than that.

#6. Kim Kardashian broke the internet

Kim K should know better than to bait the Internet. After posting a photo of her bare bottom on Instagram that read "Break the Internet," taken from her cover photoshoot for Paper Magazine, all we are going to say here is that the Internet responded appropriately.

#5. Why you always lying?

After Nicholas Fraser gifted this video to the world in September, the Internet lost its mind to the point where people actually dressed as the previously unknown rapper for Halloween. The song is just so relatable and catchy, its impossible not to be obsessed with it. Fraser said it best in an Instagram caption; "Everybody knows that one person that's always lying on what they own". Hhhhmmmmmmohmygod, what an anthem.

#4. Ariana Grande licked that donut

Ariana Grande Apologizes for Saying 'I Hate America' While Licking Donut
Ariana Grande Apologizes for Saying 'I Hate America' While Licking Donut

You'd figure with the year she had, Ariana Grande could afford to buy herself a donut, rather than just lick the ones on display. After the above video surfaced of the singer in a shop in Los Angeles, in which she says she hates America right after licking one of our favorite sugary treats, Grande issued a tear-filled apology, explaining how her outburst in the store was merely an expression of her disappointment in America's consumption of unhealthy food. Ahhhhh, now it all makes sense.

#3. Baby Hitler

In October, New York Times Magazine conducted a fairly simple yet thought provoking poll, asking whether its readers could kill an infant Adolf Hitler when given the chance. After the publication tweeted its results to the world, chaos ensued.

#2. Guacamole peas

You know if the POTUS calls you out on Twitter, you've messed up on a major level. It's almost certain to say that the The New York Times did not understand the gravity of their actions when they tweeted a modified version of a classic Guacamole recipe, suggesting we add peas to the beloved Mexican dip. The ensuing backlash proved that guac is so magical it actually has the power to unite Republicans and Democrats. Maybe it's time to rethink how to go about achieving "world peas"...

#1. The Dress

Of course, we saved the best for last-- the Cadillac of all memes, if you will. It's hard to believe it was only back in February that the Internet parted like the Red Sea -- half on team #BlueandBlack, the other half on team #WhiteandGold -- over the color of a simple dress. With Twitter reporting a whopping 4.4 million Tweets debating the color of the garment, it seems nobody went unaffected by the mental anguish caused by the dress -- not even celebrities:

To our beloved 2015 memes, thank you for the laughs and the tears, you will be dearly missed when we eventually forget about your existence. On to the next ones!

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