Mother who chose to give birth over having cancer treatment dies three days after having her baby


So heartbreaking. Rest in peace, Cara Combs ❤️

Posted by on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

There are good mothers, there are great mothers, and then there is Cara Combs -- a woman in a class of her own.

When Combs was 23 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, doctors diagnosed her with Stage 4 Melanoma and advised her to have her baby immediately so she could begin treatment. Knowing her unborn daughter would have had a better chance at survival if she waited five weeks, Combs postponed the cancer treatment that could have saved her life.

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I feel it's time to post this because I know a lot of information is going around. Last week I was diagnosed with stage...

Posted by Cara Walters Combs on Friday, November 13, 2015

Combs first broke the difficult news to her friends and family with a post on her Facebook page in November. "Last week I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. I am also 25 weeks pregnant," she explained "I can't begin treatment while pregnant so I have some tough decisions to make. Against the advice of my oncologist, I am choosing to delay my treatment for three weeks in order to get the baby to 28 weeks." %shareLinks-quote="There is no good decision here." type="quote" author="Cara Combs" authordesc="selfless hero" isquoteoftheday="false"% She then went on to discuss what a surprise the diagnosis was, especially considering all the precautions she had taken in the past combined with her young age. "I saw a dermatologist last year and she didn't find anything concerning. Even my oncologist can't find the source." %shareLinks-quote="At 38 you don't expect to find out that you are dying. It definitely puts things into perspective. All I can say is enjoy every minute with your kids and don't stress about little things." type="quote" author="Cara Combs" authordesc="selfless hero" isquoteoftheday="false"% On December 5, after putting off treatment for 5 weeks, Combs welcomed her 2 lb 1.2 oz baby girl Shaylin, dubbed "Shay," into the world. Emily Lucarz, a photographer, donated her time and talents to capture the Combs family's journey:

Welcome to the world baby Shaylin. "Shay". Arriving today 2 lbs, 1.2 oz, she is doing amazing. They are even going to...

Posted by Emily Lucarz Photography on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Combs' last mission as a mother was a successful one, as she was able to save her baby girl before devastatingly losing her battle with cancer on December 9. According to a Facebook post by Lucarz, Combs had "every intention of fighting this cancer once she was released from the hospital post birth." But apparently due to complications, Cara ended up needing a liver transplant. Because of her cancer, she was not considered a candidate. %shareLinks-quote="Her giving baby Shaylin a chance at life, was the MOST SELFLESS thing she could have done." type="quote" author="Emily Lucarz" authordesc="Photographer and friend of Cara's" isquoteoftheday="false"% Lucarz also wanted the world to know the following anecdote about Combs:

Little fun fact about Cara. She INSISTED on having Thanksgiving dinner at her house just a few weeks ago. With how weak she was, she struggled (while smiling) but insisted on it for the sake of her children. She really was quite a mom.

Her husband Roy shared the heart-wrenching news today on a GoFundMe page started for the family to cover treatment costs:

I wanted to let everyone know that we lost Cara Walters Combs this morning. I don't have to tell you how great of a person she was. She will be missed by all. I always knew she was destined for greater things. We all have a perfect angel looking over us. She was the strongest person I ever met and the best wife and mother. She sacrificed everything so her legacy could live on. Thank you all for your support and prayers. She was my everything and always will be.

Cara Combs, survived by her husband and four children, truly defines what it means to be both a selfless person and a good mother. May she rest in peace.

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