LeBron James and Mo Williams break out a play straight from 2009

Is LeBron the Most Marketable Player in All of Sports?
Is LeBron the Most Marketable Player in All of Sports?

Years ago, Mo Williams was brought to Cleveland to give a 23-year-old LeBron James a talented point guard and a legitimate shot at a title. The whole title thing clearly never worked out, but the duo established chemistry that has apparently stood the test of time.

Williams returned to the Cavaliers this offseason to rejoin James for the first time since the King left in the summer of 2010, and numerous times this season, the pair has dug deep into the playbook to resurrect a go-to- play from their first go-around as Cavs.

The play, which is fairly simple, features Williams driving to the left side while Lebron slashes hard from the weak side, in time to flush a bounce pass home with a dunk. Not tremendously complex -- or unpredictable -- yet defenses just cannot stop it.

The video below shows James and Williams connecting on Christmas Day 2009, and then again this November.

Tuesday night, the old trick worked again against the Trail Blazers.

The Cavs have been struggling as of late, but at least they know they can turn to this one for a bucket if they need.

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