Gun rights groups plan fake mass shooting at major university

What Counts as a Mass Shooting?

A collection of gun rights groups in Texas are planning to stage a mock mass shooting in at the University of Texas. It's all in the name of ending gun-free zones.

The Open Carry Walk and Crisis Event will be held this weekend at the University of Texas campus, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

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Actors will be "shot" by armed perpetrators with cardboard weapons, states Matthew Short, who is a spokesman for gun rights groups, "Come and Take It Texas" and Don' The other people playing will also be "armed," but will be rescuers in the staged scene.

Although gun noises will fill the air, they are through bullhorns. Short says there is no harm to worry about.

The group does not have a permit for the event from the city or university, nor are they seeking one. The groups are staging the mock mass shooting in hopes of repealing gun-free zones.

Gun rights activists, like Short, believe allowing people to be armed could actually be beneficial and promote safety within the community.

Short told the Statesman he wasn't worried "at all" that the demonstration would be met with criticism or look in bad taste following the Paris and San Bernardino mass shootings in the past month.

"People were able to be murdered people because no one was armed," Short concluded.

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One UT professor is already speaking out about the event. History professor and gun control activist Joan Neuberger said a staging like this is never appropriate, but especially during a high stress time like final exams and is sure to have negative effects on the entire campus.

The University of Texas allows people with a concealed handgun permit to take their weapon in specific areas around campus, such as sidewalks. However, they will soon be allowed to carry their weapons in public university buildings, like dorm rooms and classrooms when the campus carry law goes into effect in August 2016.

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