Former NFL head coach goes on wild, heated rant about LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly

One Stat Shows How Good LeSean McCoy Has Been for the Bills
One Stat Shows How Good LeSean McCoy Has Been for the Bills

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Buffalo Bills this Sunday, reuniting Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy for the first time since Kelly traded McCoy against his wishes.

McCoy criticized Kelly during the offseason, but naturally, as the season kicked in, let it go.

During his media availability on Wednesday, Kelly said he'd love to shake McCoy's hand to make up for any bad feelings.

McCoy, who insisted he doesn't have hard feelings for Kelly, still said, "Chip can't shake s*** at all. Nothing."

While discussing the matter on ESPN, former player, coach and current analyst Herm Edwards got heated over the subject, which also included DeMarco Murray's recent criticisms of Kelly's system to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie. Edwards exclaimed that players no longer care about the team and only care about themselves.

%shareLinks-quote="You hate to get disrespected by a coach, when a coach says 'Well, you don't fit my system, you've got something to prove, well, go ahead and prove it! You ain't gotta talk about it! Just go out and go play!" type="quote" author="Herm Edwards" authordesc="Former NFL coach" isquoteoftheday="false"%

"I bet y'all drinking that wine ... And smoking them tweeds"

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Edwards continued saying that instead of talking about two teams who are both fighting to make the playoffs, they're talking about two players who are unhappy.

Edwards only continued to get angrier. When Darren Woodson said players who are still on the Eagles must wonder why Kelly overhauled the roster (to little success), Edwards butted in, "Because they didn't fit the mold of what the coach wanted to do."

"I've played with coaches where I left the university because I didn't like the coach! Flat left! Didn't tell him I was going! Beeped the horn while I was driving by the facility and went somewhere else! But I didn't sit there and belly-ache about it."

%shareLinks-quote="Edwards reached a peak when Trey Wingo attempted to keep the topic going, only to have Edwards explode." type="spreadWord"%

"I'm done with all this, man," Edwards said. "You ask me, 'Coach, you wanna go back and coach?' No, I don't wanna coach this! Because this ain't professional football, man! It ain't about you! It's not about you anymore! The players think it's all about them! It's not about them — it's about the game of football, man!"

"I just think we give players passes. Because what we do for a living — media — we love this! This hurts me when I see players do this! It just hurts me, and I'm a part of the media! It hurts me that they put their own identity, their own egos in front of the team. Because this is a team game, man, it's always been that way!"

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